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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Justin and Ashley were married at The Admiral in Clear Lake on May 15th.  They are both the sweetest and most laid back couple I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  Most of the days leading up to the wedding were beautiful but of course the weather took a turn just one day prior to their wedding.  As you can see their wedding party knows how to adapt and they didn't let it bother them one little bit!  These girls definitely know how to battle the ever changing Houston weather and they drove all the way from Crosby with their hair in these hair nets, LOL!

Ashley had her makeup professionally done and kept tabs on everyone too!

The color pink was the order of the day and you could find it everywhere!  Pink is one of my faves so I loved it!

Didn't her makeup artist do a beautiful job!  So pretty...loved it!

Ashley and her girls!

How cute are these?!

More pink on MOTB's nails...so cute!  I told you pink was in the air!  :-)

See what I mean?

Next it was off to see Justin...we found him hanging out in his room with all his buddies.  Just putting the finishing touches before seeing his beautiful bride!

These boys definitely have Justin's back...just in case he needs them to! 

A few of the beautiful details...

The cakes...

Mom and Ashley right before the ceremony...I think these two have a very special friendship...

I love this next shot...this is Justin's expression at the moment he first saw Ashley.  I love the look on his face but I also love the look on everyone else's face.  You can see that they all love Ashley too...they know she is the right one for their guy!

Ashley and her daddy...

Giving his girl away...

The ring exchange...

He looks pretty serious about all of this Ashley!  :-)

The happy couple and their first dance...you guys look amazing!

There was a certain mishap with the best man and this crowd considered themselves very lucky and very blessed that he was able to make the wedding.  Good friends are hard to come by but it is obvious Ashley and Justin have been blessed with so many.  I know their love will last a lifetime!

Thanks so much for allowing me to share you day Ashley and Justin!  The wedding was beautiful and we enjoyed sharing it with you!